The H4 EAD program authorized certain spouses, mostly women, of permanent residency applicants with approved immigrant petitions, to be able to resume their careers and join the workforce or start their own businesses to create American jobs. This came as a huge relief for families who are stuck in decades of wait in the employment-based green card backlog.

Department of Homeland Security is now taking steps to rescind this program. Whether you are an H4 EAD recipient or you know someone who was able to work or start a business under this program, help add a comment in favor of the H4 EAD program.


Fact #1

Since 2015, more than 90K spouses acquired work authorization with 93% of them being women



Fact #2

Only spouses of primary applicants with approved immigrant petitions, but stuck in employment-based green card backlogs, are eligible for work authorizations through this program.

Fact #3

Work authorizations from this program also enabled spouses to start new businesses and employ American workers.


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Take Action


When DHS publishes the final ruling, the public will have 60 days to enter comments in favor of this program. These comments will play a key role in helping the administration on deciding whether or not to cancel the program. Use the form below to directly add a comment in favor of the H4 EAD program.

Be sure to include who you are, how this program has helped you, and what will happen if this program is rescinded.

Here’s an example, “I am an Industrial Design Engineer with a Masters degree from Texas A&M University. H4 EAD enabled me to open my own practice and create 9 American jobs (4 office staff + 5 consultants). But, if the H4 EAD program is rescinded, I will no longer be legally authorized to practice and hence will be forced to close my business.”