Who we are

Skilled Immigrants In America, or SIIA, is a group of individuals who are stuck in severe employment-based green card backlogs that span 70+ years. We started as a Facebook group, and today we have 150,000 members. These members include individuals from diverse backgrounds and functions and are a representation of the 1.5 million highly-skilled immigrants currently in the green card backlog. This includes engineers, researchers, healthcare professionals, and many more professionals with advanced degrees serving some of the critical functions in the STEM industry.

We care deeply about America  we have come to call our home! We have built deep economic and emotional investments with the communities we live in, and have continued to contribute to the economy and society in any possible way from the day we arrived in here. Coming from the largest democracy in the world, we also find ourselves appreciating and aligned with the values America stands for. Unfortunately, we are also the families who have become part of an underclass who live uncertain lives and are one job loss away from being forced to sell everything and  leave this country. We have entrepreneurial dreams and we want to pay it back to America for offering so much by creating new ventures and creating sustainable new American jobs. But, even a basic dream as being considered as an equal in the society we live and contribute in is becoming an impossible, unrealizable dream.

What we do

Our goal is to get highly-skilled immigrants like us out of the employment-based green card backlogs by creating mass awareness about not just the issues we face but also the values we bring to America. We want to work with Congress and the administration, suggesting solutions which can help clear the backlog soon. Thanks to active members in this group, we have been able to generate mass awareness by meeting lawmakers locally within our individual states and at D.C offices, and engagements on social media and local and national news agencies. We hope you will join us on this mission!