Children of high skilled immigrants on the verge of shattered dreams



Assimilation and integration have been hot button issues when it comes to immigration in any country. It has been an issue much debated about recently in the United States as well. Immigrants from India, world’s largest democracy, have not had any trouble integrating within the American society. They came here in good faith and share many, if not all, common core values and beliefs. In fact, we can argue that Indian immigrants are some of the most assimilated/integrated into the American society. They add value to the towns and cities they live in by not just paying their fare share of taxes, social security, and medicare, but also giving back to their American communities as much as they possibly can. Also, many hold advanced degrees from US universities and have the entrepreneurial spirit that find the cure to cancer, build a strong economy by creating more American jobs, and do all that they can to reinforce America’s position as that shining city upon the hill!

Indian immigrants are grateful for the welcome they have received in their American communities. They are proud to call America their home! They continue to live around and work closely with many Americans. And, together they all work together towards common causes and goals! Unfortunately, the immigration laws don’t portray the same sentiment. The laws continue to discriminate these immigrants based on the country they were born in.

Immigrant children, H4 Dreamers, are the worst affected. While there are legislations running rampant to protect immigrant children from other backgrounds, there is literally no safety net, no public sentiment, or leadership support for these next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerbergs. We commend Suchitra Srinivas, from the South Asian Times, for speaking with some of our members, sharing their stories, and highlighting the plight of the highly-skilled immigrants community and the work done by SIIA. We encourage you to read the article, and we hope it inspires you to rise up and join the fight!

Source: South Asian Times