Legal, For Now!


Just recently, The Columbus Dispatch included a fantastic front page feature on H4 Dreamers! Our sincere appreciation to Danae King who met with many backlogged immigrant families in Ohio and took note of their stories. Also commendable are these individuals and their children who bravely came forward and shared their stories.
No one knows whether it is the indifference or lack of awareness that has held back the million and more immigrants from coming forward with their stories in the mainstream media. The good news is that more and more families are getting inspired to act and coming forward with their stories.
Without us making our community know what value we bring and what issues we face, no one will come forward to help us. If you are not certain about the value we bring to this nation, take a look around on this website.
Hope you find this article not just interesting but also inspiring. And, that it makes you do whatever it takes or whatever you can to change the perception, bring the uncertainty you are suffering to the forefront, and help us clear the green card backlogs.
As we continue to say it, do this for yourself, your family, and your future! If you are not sure where to start, join your state chapter today!

Source: Columbus Dispatch