H4Dreamers Also Want a Shot at Staying in U.S

Laura Francis from Bloomberg recently published an excellent article after speaking to a few highly-skilled immigrants and their children who are stuck in the green card backlogs. Her article is titled, “Indian ‘Dreamers’ Also Want a Shot at Staying in U.S.”, and if you haven’t read this already, we encourage you to take a moment to read it (link below). We call these dreamers, H4 Dreamers. And, is it asking for too much that these kids want a fair shot at staying in a country they have grown up in and call their homes?

The article does surface a couple of questions. The first question is not about whether H4 Dreamers should be included in one of the many legislations that have recently sprung up to consider providing a fair shot for immigrant children in the United States. The question is why do lawmakers continue to ignore the plight of highly-skilled immigrants and their families? Let us also put a point of clarification. If you don’t know this already, these highly-skilled immigrants continue to make several contributions into the economy and they do not live off of the welfare dollars! They were put through a thorough vetting process when their green card applications were processed. The government ensures that they are paid competitively (above average) as well as they do not displace American workers. And, in spite of having an approved immigration petition (which was based on our skills and qualifications), they are put in a 70+ years wait because they were born in India because of an archaic country cap system.

Today, there is a legislation in Congress called H.R.392 that eliminates country caps and has 270+ bipartisan cosponsors. This legislation has been introduced in the Congress a few times, and yet it has not made any progress on the floor. This leads us to our final question. It seems that only crisis enables the Congress to act. What sort of crisis do we need before Congress will take notice and provide relief to these contributing, law-abiding, entrepreneurial highly-skilled immigrants?

One thing is for sure. The highly-skilled immigrants community is in dire need of public sentiment behind this issue. While these immigrants don’t know how long their waits are going to be, most of the masses or lawmakers do not know about these backlogs and the wide-reaching impacts to American families and economy. This article is one of many articles that can help creating mass awareness. We hope you have read it, and take this opportunity to share it in your circles!

Read Here: Indian ‘Dreamers’ Also Want a Shot at Staying in U.S.

Source: Bloomberg BNA