Indians face uncertain future in US as Immigration debate heats up

Really, a well-written article! We do hope that the title would have read differently based on the actions of Indians in the United States. Perhaps our grassroots efforts in the coming days, weeks, months, will enable the author to create yet another piece with the title, “Indians raise awareness and face the lawmakers in US as Immigration debate heats up!”

Whether you are new to this whole kerfuffle of an immigration system or a seasoned/indentured veteran, you should definitely read this poignant piece by Kartik on the state of the legal immigration system in the United States today. We all know it is severely broken. While many of us have seen the unfortunate effects of it first hand, there are many for whom peril is imminent. While one may think that the biggest peril is legislations that will curtail or curb immigration, we think the worst peril is one of the self-inflicted kind. What we mean is the one where we, the contributing highly-skilled immigrants, stay on the sidelines and choose not to raise our voices out of fear of embarrassment or persecution.

If not anything, we hope articles like these light that spark in you, and gets you to act. Join us! Imagine what change we can usher in if all of the 150K members in this group go call and meet their lawmakers. Read the full article here.


Source: myInd