Noteworthy Advocacy Efforts in August 2017


SIIA members in many states are putting their personal time and energy in creating mass awareness about the green card backlogs and getting people to call their lawmakers. They have our sincere gratitude.
We cannot fit every effort into a single video montage. So, we will send some more updates in the coming days and weeks.
Today, however, we want to highlight the hard work and dedication of the SIIA DE, NY-NJ, and OH teams.
Members from these teams got together, got some flyers and banners designed, and handed them out at the NYC and Ohio India Day festivities. A SIIA DE team volunteer also took the flyers to a local cricket event to create awareness and also spoke to a county executive about our issues. Simply inspiring!
These individuals tirelessly handed the flyers out, while also educating bystanders and onlookers why the backlogs issue is important, what the bills H.R.392 and S.281 aim to achieve, why they should support it, and what everyone can and should do. The volunteers from both teams spent countless hours preparing for these events as well as walked tirelessly to hand out flyers and educate the attendees.
For the Ohio India Day event especially, we also want to extend our sincere thanks to Neil Patel and Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) of Central Ohio for extending a warm welcome to our volunteers at the India Day Festival.

Our ask to you is simple. Call your lawmakers. Need inspiration or talking points? Go to

We’d love to have you join our local advocacy efforts. Join your state chapter today!