Greetings to Skilled Immigrants on India’s Independence Day

Wishing you all a Happy Independence Day!
It has been 70 years since India became an independent nation, and it has reached great heights 70 years since. And, yet, highly-skilled immigrants from India continue to suffer in a staggering 70 year Green Card backlogs.

We hope you take a moment in your busy lives to think about your country-of-origin and the values it has instilled in you. May the significance of this day help you realize that our ancestors did not get freedom by sitting on the sidelines. They decided to mobilize and act. They raised their voices and worked hard tirelessly. And, finally they became inspirations to many of us.

The greencard backlogs today do portray modern day indentured servitude. These backlogs are putting your and your family’s hopes and dreams at serious risk. And you are all one job loss away from losing everything and getting out of the country. What are you doing about it?

Join us or do it yourself, but we want you to act!
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