The Story of 1.5 Million Backlogged Highly-Skilled Immigrants

 Like the 1.5 million (if not more) highly-skilled immigrants who are stuck in a career-limiting Green Card backlog, a few highly-skilled immigrants got together and spent their precious time and energy to create a film that speaks to the very premise of the discriminatory, unfair, and antiquated immigration system that no longer works in America's interests. Their story is the story shared by each one of us. They decided to take action and create a beautiful film that makes everyone aware about not just the green card backlogs or how we are all relegated to a temporary status for decades but also about the ethics, education, hopes, and dreams we bring to America so that we can become contributing residents/citizens to the communities/towns we live in.
Mere words are not enough to express our gratitude to Prakash Wadhwa and the entire From the Land of Gandhi Film team for creating a touching film, and we sincerely hope that this effort not just makes you aware of the issues but also inspires and mobilizes you to go speak to your lawmakers.
If you are looking for inspiration on what to expect or say when you call or meet the lawmakers, see  Take Action

From The Land of Gandhi

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