Arkansas senator says of 1 million green cards issued, few are employment-based

The untold and unheard side of the immigration debate is that of the legal immigration system which is severely broken. Employment-based system, specifically, has just gone neglected for several years. Partly because of misinterpretations and partly because of actions or inactions of entities or individuals to keep status quo. People who benefited from the system will not care to raise the issue, and people who are affected from it are too afraid or ignorant (jury is out) to create awareness. One thing is for certain, unfortunately, the legal immigration system no longer works in favor of American or To-be-American workers and families.

While the highly-skilled immigrants and their families get to deal with a wait of 70 years, the country only accepts a marginal (up to 7%) number of immigrant applicants adjusting to their permanent residency status. We are not in the worse shape where there is no demand/supply of immigrant applications. But, it is the country-based limits that can be attributed to the marginal numbers for skills-based green cards. An easy fix would be to eliminate the per country caps without increasing the immigration numbers, which is the essence behind the Bills H.R392 (in the House) and S-281 (in the Senate). Miriam Valverde  of Politifact provides a deep dive into Senator Tom Cotton’s claim that almost none of the 1 million green cards are based on job skills or demonstrated economic needs. Read more here.


Source: PolitiFact