Congress Should Help Young Legal Immigrant Dreamers Too

The decades of backlog affects not just the careers of the highly-skilled immigrants, but also the quality of lives of their families. The families are one job loss away from getting displaced. Children, born in the United States or not, are at a risk of abruptly disrupting their school year and relocating to a country totally foreign to them. But, Indian-born children who accompanied their highly-skilled immigrant parents face serious issues even after staying 13+ years of their lives legally in the United States. They have no safe guards at all, not even anything similar to the likes of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Establishing a fair legal immigration system that does not discriminate a person by the country of their origin will go a long way in keeping families together. David Bier of the CATO Institute explains the issue very well. Read more here.

Source: Cato Research